Coconut - Brain & Mental Health, Cardiovascular Health, Immune Health, Skin Health - Botanica

Key Health Benefits

Coconut oil provides a rich source of lauric acid, a fatty acid that was first identified in breast milk and has since demonstrated antiviral1 and antimicrobial activity2, 3 and generally supportive for the immune system4. A second important fatty acid in coconut oil is caprylic acid which has a good reputation as an antifungal, both systemically (candida) and topically.

Historic Use

The origins of the coconut tree are highly debated, but recent DNA studies indicate it was widely cultivated in both the Indian Ocean basin and the Pacific basin5. The coconut palm tree is eulogised as 'Kalpavriksha' (the all giving tree) in Indian classics. This is not surprising as it provides so much: rich in calories, dense in nutrients, water, and fibre - it was often carried on long sea voyages to supplement the sailors’ diets.

Our Process

We use only sustainable, organically-grown, fair-trade coconuts, with no negative impact on monkey habitats – unfortunately, monkeys are often used and abused in the coconut picking industry. The coconuts are cold-pressed within 48-hours of picking and are then bottled in glass. This is a more costly process than the more common dehydration/shipping/and reconstituting methods often use but provides a higher quality, non-oxidized, coconut oil. There are no chemical solvents used in the process.