Meet The Employees That Have Been Around as Long as We Have: Matt Breech (CEO) - Botanica

Meet The Employees That Have Been Around as Long as We Have: Matt Breech (CEO)

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Matt Breech – CEO

We are SO excited that this month marks our 10th year in business! A little-known fact about Botanica is that we have twelve employees who have been with us since the day we’ve started. We wanted to take the time to feature some of these employees who have helped us grow to where we are today.

Without further ado, meet Matt our CEO!

What’s one unique fact about Botanica that most people don’t know?
90% of our products are bottled right here in Vancouver, BC!

Do you have any recent accomplishments that we can highlight?
I’m very proud that Botanica recently won five Alive Awards for great nutritional products as voted by consumers and retailers, including a gold medal for the best herbal product for our Turmeric Liquid Capsule!

What’s one interesting fact about yourself?
I’m on the Board of Directors for Fresh Roots, a non-profit organization that grows Good Food For All through cultivating engaging gardens and programs that catalyze healthy eating, ecological stewardship, and community celebration.

What are your top three must-have Botanica products and why?
The Perfect Omega Key Lime, it’s very yummy! I also really like both the Ashwaganda Liquid Extract and the Liquid Capsule for energy and balance. The Daily Anti-Inflammatory Shot is also great for not only me but also my dog, Milo! I also really like the Perfect Greens and the Perfect Protein for smoothies… I can’t pick just three!!

What is the best part about your job?
I’m really proud to be able to help other people thrive and be healthy.

If you had to describe the work culture at Botanica in one word, what would it be?

Do you have a secret Botanica recipe?
I really like to mix the Turmeric Golden Mylk into smoothies and enjoy it cold!

How was working at Botanica impacted your wellness journey?
I get to try everything, which means I get to learn about many amazing healers, plants, and ways to process plants to make them easy to take every day to improve one’s health.

What are you most excited about for Botanica in the years to come?
Right now, I am really excited about our new branding! It does a really great job of telling the amazing story of the plants we use for our health.

Botanica currently has 12 employees that have been around since Botanica came to be 10 years ago, why do you think that is?
Our company has always been driven by our core values!

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