8 Ways To Make Turmeric A Part of Your Daily Life

8 Ways To Make Turmeric A Part of Your Daily Life

Lisa Kilgour, Nutritionist

Turmeric, that beautiful yellow powder (or cool orange root) is more popular than ever. It seems to have almost magical or mythical qualities.

And the truth is – the research shows that it really is all that it’s cracked up to be.

What I hear from people everywhere is a giant pile of “shoulds”. “I know I should have turmeric in my diet”. But, the trouble is, most of us don’t know how.

So let’s drop all of the judgey “shoulds” and look at real-life ways of using turmeric. To enjoy its magical prowess you need ½ – 1 tsp per day, so try out a few of these options and see what you love.

Things you love = easy to add into your day. It’s one of my favourite math equations.

Step 1 – look for organic turmeric

Many of our spices come from abroad and when they cross into Canada they’re usually irradiated.

While I’m not questioning this process (research has found it to be safe), my worry is how it may affect the superpowers of turmeric (specifically its antioxidants). The good news is, we can calm any worries simply by buying organic turmeric. Organic spices are not irradiated.

8 Ways To Make Turmeric A Part of Your Daily Life


Step 2 – find ways to love love love turmeric


Good morning turmeric!

1. Kick start your digestion with a tbsp of Botanica’s Fermented Turmeric & Ginger –

The sour(ish) fermented taste wakes up your taste buds and digestion, and the turmeric & ginger combo are potent anti-inflammatories which can help your stiff joints loosen up.

8 Ways To Make Turmeric A Part of Your Daily Life

2. Sprinkle on any egg-based breakfasts –

Like fried or scrambled eggs, omelettes, or frittatas. The lovely orange colour brightens up your breakfast, and turmeric’s mild flavour combines with eggs really well. Add a sprinkle of black pepper to help the turmeric get into your cells.


3. Throw it into your smoothie –

Give your smoothie an extra kick and some extra colour with 1 tsp of turmeric. You’ll barely notice it’s there (taste-wise, you’ll see the colour).

Lunchtime turmeric treats!


1. Add it to hummus –Hummus is a great protein source for lunch. It’s delicious and easy to digest so it won’t cause afternoon sleepies. Turmeric mixes beautifully into hummus, and curry (turmeric gives it its yellow glow) is especially delicious.


2. Add it to soup or stews –

Turmeric makes it’s way into all of my soups and stews, and I only notice that it’s there when it stains my wooden spoon. The mixture of different spices like cumin and paprika create a nice flavour base for turmeric and aids in the absorption of its magical qualities. And a nice bowl of soup or stew is a great warming lunch in the winter


Dinner and evening turmeric is extra easy!

1. Sprinkle it on roasted veggies –

Turmeric’s slightly peppery flavour works so well with roasted veggies. My favourite combo is potatoes, sweet potatoes, and parsnips. A sprinkle of turmeric, salt, and pepper and a dash of olive oil makes for a delicious dish. Curry roasted broccoli and/or cauliflower is also delightful.


2. Add it to rice or quinoa –

This is one of the easiest ways I add turmeric to my food. Add it at the beginning of cooking, and you’ll get a beautiful bright yellow bowl of rice or quinoa. Perfect as a base for veggies and my dinner guests always love it.


3. Golden Mylk

My favourite new addition to my evening routine is a cup of Golden Mylk. This is a perfectly blended mix that combines turmeric with cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla and is sweetened with a bit of dates. It’s delicious, and everyone I’ve made it for agrees. I just warm up some coconut milk and mix it in. If I’m feeling extra fancy I froth the coconut milk to make a latte.


Have you found an easy way to incorporate turmeric into your daily life? If so, I’d love to hear what you’re doing. Share it on social with #BotanicaHealth #MindfulLiving


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