St John’s Wort - Anti-Viral, Mood, Nerve Pain, Wound Healing - Botanica

Key Health Benefits

St John’s Wort has received much attention in clinical trials for mild to moderate depression. A number of studies have found it comparable to tricyclics and SSRIs, but with fewer side effects1. It has also demonstrated profound effects as an anti-viral in cases of enveloped viruses and retroviruses (such as HIV)2.

[1] Harrer G, Schulz V., “On the clinical investigation of the antidepressant effectiveness of Hypericum”, Nerveheilkundle, 1993 Oct, 12:271-3
[2] Kraus GA, Pratt D, Tossberg J et al. Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 1990, 172(1): 149-153

Historic Use

St John’s Wort has been used since ancient times for a range of health problems. It was used to treat ulcers, burns, wounds and abdominal pains, and was considered primarily for afflictions of the nervous system including nerve pain, hysteria and menopausal neurosis.

Our process

Growing – Botanica’s St John’s Wort is always organic and eco-cultivated. Before harvest, samples are tested to ensure the herb is at peak therapeutic activity.