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Key Health Benefits

Modern research has confirmed many of the traditional uses of holy basil. Beyond its highly valued use as an adaptogenic herb to support one through stressful times, it has been demonstrated to be a wonderful support for the cardiovascular system – helping to normalize blood pressure2 and cholesterol, as well as having a profound capacity to reduce arterial plaque formation3. It is indicated to help balance blood sugar and insulin metabolism4, to protect the liver and has demonstrated antioxidant and anticancer properties.

Historic Use

Holy basil has an over 1000-year history in various civilizations around the world. In India, it is also known as tulsi which means ‘the incomparable one’, where it is revered as a sacred plant. It is classified as a rasayana, an herb that nourishes one towards perfect health, enlightenment and long life.

Our Process

Growing – The holy basil seed pods are harvested by hand and then dried, prior to transforming this adaptogenic herb into capsules.

Making – Our unique liquid capsules go through several delicate steps. The roots are first soaked in non-GMO alcohol and water. The resulting herbal extract is then gently concentrated further – without chemicals or high temperatures – while the alcohol is evaporated. There is an additional supercritical extraction step that uses carbon dioxide to concentrate the rich volatile oils (such as eugenol). Every step of the process is tested for both purity and potency from harvest to encapsulation.

Source Location

United States


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