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What To Look For In a Greens Powder

Orna Villazan, BSc, ND

Do you get ALL your 8 servings of veggies every… single… day…? I sure don’t!

Our green leafy’s in particular can be the trickiest, which is why so many of us turn to a greens powder. Among the many benefits. these powders have to offer us, they help us to fill in those common nutritional gaps and support our optimal wellness.

But how do we determine which Greens powder is best?

Make sure to check for these 5 things before you purchase your next greens supplement:

1. How GREEN are your Greens?

Surprised by this question? It’s a sad fact that some greens powders on the market barely cover what you need.

Look for a variety of grasses (like wheat grass and barley grass) and sea vegetables (like spirulina and chlorella), but especially make sure that they are present in good concentrations. I like to aim for 7000mg or more per serving. If you’re lucky, it’ll be clearly spelled out on the label, but it sometimes requires a little math to add up each green.

2. Are we talking grasses or pressed juice?

Greens powders are often made from ingredients that have been juiced and then dehydrated. This preparation method loses a lot of nutrients and fibre. Look for actual grasses and sea vegetables that have simply been dried and powdered – you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck.

3. Are there unwanted ingredients?

Fillers are often added to greens powders because they are cheap and bulk up the final scoop. But this ultimately means you’re getting less greens per serving. An example of a common filler is lecithin.

You may also see synthetic dyes, artificial sweeteners and emulsifiers that can be difficult to digest and cause bloating for some. Make sure to take a peek at the non-medicinal ingredients.

4. What certifications or testing are present?

You want your greens to be as densely packed with micronutrients as possible and a big part of this is to begin with organic and non-gmo ingredients. The last thing you want is an extra helping of herbicides with your greens!

For those with dietary sensitivities, labels that include gluten-free or soy-free can be very helpful.

5. Are there any herbs in the formula that might interact with your medications?

Anything from your birth control pill to daily aspirin to thyroid medication, can have potential interactions when mixed with herbs. Therapeutic herbs are often added to greens powders and these might not be appropriate for you if you are on a regular prescription medication. An herb-free blend also means it can be used by the whole family; children included 😊.

As a final tip, I know that greens can be… well… rather green tasting…

Personally, I like mine with water and a spritz of lemon juice to soften the ‘green’ flavour.

But if you need a little something to ‘help the medicine go down’, you can mix it into a breakfast smoothie bowl, or simply add it to orange juice

So why am I a Botanica Perfect Greens super-fan?

For one, they pass all my criteria above and secondly, they are made here in Canada, I love shopping local!

Botanica also offers some gentler Greens varieties, with organic flavours and a splash of monk fruit juice to suit the whole family. These options will be better than having added sugar, stevia or artificial sweeteners.

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Orna Villazan, BSc, ND

Orna Villazan, BSc, ND

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