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The 5 Spheres of Health

Orna Villazan, BSc, ND

I am often asked what the best way is to optimize health and wellbeing. It is so seductive to look for that one thing we can do that will change our lives forever, but in truth, for the most part, we already know what works for us. We know that when we eat an overall healthier diet (let’s just say this means a whole food diet low in processed foods), move a little more, get some good sleep, prioritize some fun and play, and experience meaningful interactions with friends and loved ones, we will be in a better place.

It seems so simple, and yet there are countless reasons why we struggle to meet our personal needs. So many responsibilities, with a long list of daily dos and do-nots, we get overwhelmed, discouraged, and sometimes just give up entirely.


So instead of answering with yet another “should” or “should not” when asked how to optimize health, I like to offer an invitation to pause and reflect. We can encompass most of the various factors that influence our wellbeing into 5 spheres of health. Spending a little time reflecting on each of these can be a wonderful place to start.

What sphere of health might need a little extra love and attention for you?


Why include supplements as one of the spheres of health? Because they’re generally really easy to implement and can help support you quickly with more energy, or less pain, or any other therapeutic support you might be looking for.

Supplements can include nutritional vitamins and minerals as well as therapeutic herbs.

Might there be some supplement support that could aide you? Perhaps ease and soothe you through a stressful time, help you sleep better, or give you that morning boost to help you through your day? Botanica’s Plant Finder can be a great tool to explore for this.


We all know that what we eat, how we eat, and even when we eat, all have an important impact on our health. We often make great efforts to eat all the ‘right’ things, and criticize ourselves miserably when we ‘fail’.

What we often lose sight of however, is that it’s not about perfection. It’s about listening to our body and learning what it truly needs to feel well.

Can your relationship with food become a journey of gentleness, forgiveness, self-love and finding balance? Let this be an opportunity to connect more deeply with what truly nourishes you. It can be a work in progress.


A healthy lifestyle is essential for good health. It includes everything from sleep habits, exercise routines, stress management skills, workload balanced with fun, play time and more.

Is there an aspect of your lifestyle that is causing great conflict for you? Might it be time to re-evaluate, delegate, or re-prioritize things in order to bring in some more activities that nourish the body and soul?

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Mental wellness is all about how we think, feel, and behave. Is this an area where you struggle?

My deepest personal learnings come when I let in those difficult thoughts and emotions, give them the space they need to be fully felt and heard. At the same time, to know that they do not define me, that I am not that voice telling me I’m a failure.

Learning to love and accept ourselves, rather than reject ourselves, is the deepest work we can do. Can you explore that a little deeper for yourself?


Humans are social beings — we thrive when we feel heard, included and loved. Connection with spirit, self and others are all important factors to overall wellness.

Might there be a need to reach out and connect with someone? Or perhaps there’s been a lot of distraction lately and what would be most enriching is to spend some time reconnecting with yourself?

I invite you to create a daily 5 minute practice every morning. Take the time to sit in silence, do some deep breathing and ask yourself, how can I love and nourish myself best today? That quiet and intuitive voice that answers is your inner wisdom, and it usually knows best.

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Orna Villazan, BSc, ND

Orna Villazan, BSc, ND

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