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Mindful Nutrition Challenge

Botanica Health

It’s a busy world and in all the “doing” of life, the fundamentals of health are so easily pushed aside.  Sleep, community, activity, joy, and nutrition have been largely overtaken by electronics, online interactions, sedentary jobs, stress, and fast-food.

At Botanica, we believe that thriving in this modern world is best supported by embracing key aspects that have helped humans evolve to this current state of being in the first place – good nutrition.  Through shifting back to our base biological needs we can excel in life as healthy individuals in a strong and rooted community.

It was only 1-2 generations ago that food was grown in ways that our ancestors developed and was eaten in the company of our community.  As a society, we’ve moved away from that heritage, with more and more people mindlessly consuming convenience foods in isolation (eating with your phone or computer as company counts as isolation!).

Botanica would like to support you in increasing your mindfulness around food through our Mindful Nutrition Challenge.  We’re not just looking at what we eat, but also how, why, and where we eat.  Some people know they have room to improve so this one-month challenge is here to help guide those changes through honest self-reflection.  Others may feel conscious about their approach to food and self-nourishment.  For them, this exercise can help fine-tune some of those details and bring even deeper awareness.

With a different area for reflection every week the goal is for an expanded understanding of your dietary choices over four weeks. We’ve even created a helpful worksheet that you can download here and take with you where ever you go!  Knowledge is power.

We hope you enjoy the journey!

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