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Emulsification – Getting the most out of Omega 3

Charity Parkinson Cl.H., H.N.C.

What’s emulsification?

The process of emulsification is used to make many products – from cosmetics and beauty care to mayonnaise, homogenized milk and butter. Emulsification is a mixture of two or more liquids that are normally immiscible (unmixable or unblendable). One liquid is dispersed into the other creating a blended substance. This allows for oil and water, or oil and vinegar for example to mix creating a creamy texture. The word emulsification comes from the Latin term “to milk”, since milk is primarily an emulsion of fat and water, along with other macro and micro nutrients. To achieve this creamy texture, emulsifying agents are used in the food and supplement industry. These often include: egg yolks, lecithin, vegetable glycerin, mucilage from the hull of seeds, as well as chemical compounds.

The health benefits of emulsified products

The significance of emulsified oil is now being studied in fish and flax seed oil preparations. One of the conclusions reached is that “Pre-emulsification of the oil prior to ingestion reduces droplet size and enables improved lipolysis resulting in significantly improved absorption”* So the process makes these oils creamier and easier to swallow, and increases the absorbability of the essential fatty compounds by having the larger fat globules in the oil broken down for us. This is useful for everyone and is all the more important for those who suffer from poor digestion, plus it eliminates those fishy burps! The emulsification process in short helps us gain more health benefits of Omega 3 fats.

Studies also show that:

Emulsified fish oil helps to decrease caloric intake throughout the day by stimulating certain gastric hormones.
Serious health issues such as liver disease in preterm infants is being successfully treated with emulsified fish oil supplements.
Higher bioavailability of the essential fatty acids from flax seed oil in an emulsified state – good news for vegans or vegetarians.

When it comes to the absorption and assimilation of your Omega 3 supplement, emulsification is an important way to go. With digestive issues and chronic disease being more common in society today, we need the benefits of Omega 3 fats, and the ability to absorb them. When looking for an emulsified Omega 3 supplement, look for one that is free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, GMO’s, gluten, soy and dairy as well. Emulsified fish and flaxseed oils also come in a variety of tasty natural flavours with no added sugar. Staying healthy never tasted so good!




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Charity Parkinson Cl.H., H.N.C.

Charity Parkinson Cl.H., H.N.C.

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