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6 Canadian Brands To Fall For This Fall

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At Botanica, we’ve always valued organic ingredients, clean formulations, and making products that allow people to include and therapeutic doses of herbs and superfoods into their everyday lives. Since 2008, we have been working to create high-quality plant-based protein, greens, and herbal supplements formulated and cared for by a team of herbalists, naturopaths and wellness seekers. We love what we do and wanted to highlight the work of fellow Canadian brands that share this mindset.  

Throughout September and October 2022, Botanica is hosting the Canada Collective Pop-Up Market to feature the wonderful people and products in the Canadian food and beverage industry that are creating delicious and nutritious foods. Canada Collective Pop-Up Market will tour at Choices Markets and Nature’s Fare Markets throughout BC. The Pop-Up Market features 7 BC-based food, beverage, and supplement brands and gives people the opportunity to gather, shop, and sample their next favourite Canadian products.  

While many things in our lives were drastically altered during the pandemic, even everyday tasks, like grocery shopping, changed too. Many of us tried to limit our time in stores and stuck to the products we already knew, but now we have time to discover new items. This Pop-Up Market tour is intended to highlight wonderful Canadian brands and also to support BC retailers who continue to feel the effects of pandemic-related supply chain issues, staffing and inflation. Keep reading to discover some of our favourite Canadian brands that inspire us and that will be part of the Canada Collective Pop-Up Market!  

1. Hippie Snacks 

Hippie Snacks was founded by Ian Walker, a former music busker and kayak guide. Ian went on to found North America’s first non-GMO, organic food manufacturer and distributor at 24 years old. Hippie Snacks was launched in 2010 and features products with minimal processing. Whether you’re taking Hippie Snacks Cauliflower Crisps on a hike, as part of a picnic, or using them to create your own charcuterie board, you can be sure that the whole food ingredients will kick your meal up a notch.  

Canadian brands to fall for - Hippie Snacks

2. Save Da Sea 

Save Da Sea is a company dedicated to making seafood more sustainable, so they make it out of plants! Aki Kaltenbach is the founder and CEO of Save Da Sea, which is based in Victoria BC. With both you and the planet in mind, this company uses wholesome ingredients to create delicious plant-based sea food. This company is making waves as Aki was recently included in Western Living’s list of Foodies of the Year and received the BC Food & Beverage Rising Star Award in 2021. If you’re looking for easy ways to include more plant-based products into your lifestyle, Save Da Sea has got you covered. Next time you’re craving lox and cream cheese, substitute their lox for the perfect picnic bring along. 

Canadian brands to fall for - Save da Sea

3. Yoggu! 

Yoggu! is a Coquitlam based company was founded by Jade Herrmann in 2018. Jade lived in Paris and when she returned to BC, she was inspired to create a delicious, rich, creamy dairy-free coconut yogurt. This WOC-owned/operated brand manufactures its products in house and has no artificial flavors, fillers, or refined sugar. Whether you’re more into savory dishes like kale cesar salad or into sweet treats like popsicles, Yoggu! is a versatile and nutricious addition to your day.  

Canadian brands to fall for - Yoggu!

4. Herbaland 

If you love gummies as much as we do, then you’ll love Herbaland. This Canadian company is family-owned and operated and was started by Aisha Yang and Musharaf Syed who wanted to create products to support the health and happiness of their family. They have made tasty, sustainable, vegan gummy vitamins to make this possible. They prioritize sustainability and restorative practices for the planet while also making their delicious gummies. Whether you are looking for snacks for your next adventure like these vegan protein gummies or vitamins to support your kids’ immune health as they head back to school, Herbaland has got you covered. 

Canadian brands to fall for - Herbaland

5. Moonshine Mama’s 

Melinda Divers (aka Mel) was looking for a natural and tastier way to support her immune system and reduce inflammation. She has crafted the perfect combination that balances medicinal and activated ingredients. First finding fame at the Salt Spring Island Saturday Market and now in stores throughout Canada, Moonshine Mama’s Elixirs with help you feel good from the inside out. Mel has now received a BC Food & Bev Product of the Year award. Add hot water to 1oz of the Original Turmeric Elixir or try this non-alcoholic Sublime Mint Mama for a cool drink on a warm day. Whatever the weather ahead, Moonshine Mama’s is the perfect addition to your day.  

Canadian brands to fall for - Moonshine Mama's

6. Prairie Naturals 

Jewel Tran is a mother of four and is always looking for ways to keep her family healthy. She acquired Prairie Naturals in 2021 and has brought her knowledge of manufacturing in Canada and in Southeast Asia. From bath and beauty products, like this Liquid Beauty Collagen Solution or this FitFuel pre-workout drink that will help you up your fall fitness routine, Prairie Naturals is dedicated to your health success. 

Canadian brands to fall for - Prairie Naturals

We hope you’ll be just as inspired as we are by our fellow Canadians who are working to bring health and wellness into your homes in easy and tasty ways. As we continue to learn how to care for ourselves, try out some of these awesome brands to help you feel your best. Happy fall! 

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