5 Reasons Why Moringa is the Next Superfood You Need to Know About!

5 Reasons Why Moringa is the Next Superfood You Need to Know About!

Lisa Kilgour, Nutritionist

What food has the power to lower blood sugar, lower inflammation, and is chock-full of nutrients and antioxidants? It’s the hot new superfood, Moringa.

The folks in Northern India, where Moringa grows naturally (also known as The Drumstick Tree), already know how wonderful this tree is. It’s those of us in North America who are new to its wonders.
5 Reasons Why Moringa is the Next Superfood You Need to Know About!
And wonderful it is! It even holds the nickname of “The Wonder Tree” because it grows in every tropical country where malnutrition is prevalent and may play an important role in lowing malnutrition rates in these areas.

It’s a small, fast-growing tree that’s entirely edible, and the leaves are the most nutritious part. They’re turned into a vibrant green power or used as a Moringa tea to impart its glorious goodness into our diet.

5 Reasons Why Moringa is Fantastic

1. It’s FULL of Important Nutrients and Antioxidants
Moringa is high in the antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, as well as it’s high in calcium and potassium.

It also comes with a hefty dose of phytonutrients, including Quercetin. This phytonutrient is a natural anti-histamine and can lower blood pressure.

2. It Puts Out the Fire of Inflammation
Moringa is an extraordinary superfood when it comes to inflammation.

Inflammation isn’t always a problem, we need a boost of inflammation anytime we have an injury that needs healing or a cold or flu that needs to be banished from our body.
The problem with inflammation is what happens when our body struggles to clean it up after the injury is healed. This is chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation can put us at risk for many chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer, and research is finding that Moringa is a great inflammation helper.

It’s in the abundance of antioxidants, found in Moringa powder, that we get the inflammation fighters. It’s been used for a very long time as a traditional remedy for its anti-inflammatory prowess.

3. Reduces Blood Sugar Levels
Moringa powder has been shown to effectively lower diabetes symptoms, like elevated blood glucose and lipid levels. Its antioxidant power has an extra benefit by reducing the oxidative stress on the body when our blood sugar is high.

4. It Keeps us Smart
It’s those super important antioxidant vitamins C & E found in Moringa, which supports our brain health especially as we age.

Research is finding it may help with our memory and may even reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.

5. It Keeps our Liver Happy and Healthy
Our liver is a very hard worker in our body and sometimes it needs a bit of help too. Moringa has been seen to reduce liver damage, and Moringa seed oil can even lower liver enzyme levels.

It’s easy to enjoy these benefits of Moringa. Moringa powder has a very mild taste is a great smoothie booster or you can enjoy it mixed with water. Or, just pour yourself a warm cup of Moringa tea.
5 Reasons Why Moringa is the Next Superfood You Need to Know About!
However you’d like to enjoy it, it is a safe and effective superfood. Give your body a boost by adding this Wonder Tree to your cupboards.


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