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Oregano Oil Extra Strength 1:1

Certified Organic

When you’re run down and can sense your immune function is in need of some extra help. Our Mediterranean-grown, organic oregano oil contains naturally-occurring carvacrol to fight infections and support the body’s natural resistance. Blended in a 1:1 ratio with organic olive oil.

  • A powerful antioxidant for immune health

Sizes:15 mL30 mL

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  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Traditional Use
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For thousands of years, wild oregano has been used as a potent medicine to improve health. Its name comes from the ancient Greeks who called it “beauty of the mountains” (oro- ganos).

Fresh oregano leaves are hand-picked at peak potency and steam-extracted to gently concentrate the essential oil without use of chemicals. Every step of the process is tested for both purity and potency from harvest to bottling.

Organic Oregano Oil, Organic Olive Oil

1 drop diluted with water, taken 1 time per day. Best taken with five deep, slow breathes.

I find the taste of Oregano Oil way too strong. How can I improve the experience?
Try adding drops to an ounce of juice instead of water to mask the flavour. Or consider a different delivery method with our Oregano Liquid Capsules or Daily Immune Shot.

How is it best to take Oregano Oil?
Oregano oil has a strong spicy flavour and is rich in compounds that dilute best in fat. Botanica’s Oregano Oil is diluted in olive oil to support optimal digestion. Many will want to dilute this further however, and although water or juice are commonly suggested, we recommend it best to mix it with something rich in fat, such as coconut oil/cream, olive oil, or yogurt/kefir. Another option might be to dilute in water but follow with a few bites of something rich in fat, a nut butter, or some avocado for example. You can also dilute it in a little honey to best mask the taste.

How long can I safely take Oregano Oil?
Oregano Oil is highly concentrated and a little goes a very long way. When taken long term, it can be irritating to the digestive system as well as become problematic to our healthy gut bacteria by killing off our good probiotics along with the pathogenic bacteria. We recommend you do not exceed 10 days of continual use without consulting a health care provider.

How can I support my healthy gut bacteria while taking Oregano Oil?
If you stay within the recommended 10 days of use, you are unlikely to cause much negative disruption to your healthy gut flora. However, if you would like to optimize your microflora, you can increase the amount of probiotic rich foods you are consuming, ideally 2-3 hours apart from the time you take your oregano oil. These foods will generally be live fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, kefir, tempeh, or kombucha.

What is best to take between Botanica’s liquid Oregano Oil or Botanica’s Liquid Capsules?
Either can be used. It is a matter of preference. The taste can be strong so many prefer the capsules. However the liquid can act a tiny bit faster so some prefer that.

Are there any contraindications to taking Oregano Oil that I should be aware of?
It is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.

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