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  • Meet our Guides

    Orna Villazan, medical advisor

    Orna Villazan

    Animal lover, student of life, Naturopathic Doctor

    Orna began her natural health journey early in life with a mom who was always learning (and passing on) healthy nutrition tips. Today, she is the Medical Advisor for Botanica and loves teaching and supporting plant lovers across the country as they embark on their own health journeys.

    Charity Parkinson, head of education

    Charity Parkinson

    Mom, Clinical Herbalist, head of education at Botanica

    Charity is very passionate about herbal medicine and has been studying and working in the field for over 20 years. Her belief in achieving whole body wellness comes through supporting one's unique balance between the mind, body, emotions and spirit throughout all of life’s stages.

    About Botanica

    We know your goal is to achieve your best health through a natural, mindful approach to wellness. You don’t do fads or believe in quick fixes and neither do we. Finely-crafted, organic plant-based supplements for your unique path to wellness. Formulated by herbalists, naturopaths, and nutritionists.

    Our Promise

    Whole Plant Ingredients

    We believe in whole plants not isolates because nature got it right.

    Finely Crafted

    We have a keen eye for detail and at every step from formulation to manufacturing. Think of Botanica as a fine artisanal wine only in the nutrition section.

    Therapeutic Doses

    You always get a meaningful amount because that’s what it takes for you to achieve your health goals. No fairy dusting here.