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Cleanses: Get the Help and Skip the Harm

Charity Parkinson Cl.H., H.N.C.

There are so many different natural cleanse kits and programs to choose from, it can be a highly confusing subject, especially if you haven’t studied natural health and have little time to read books or surf the web for credible information.

Part of what makes the human body so amazing is that it’s a self cleansing organism. This is an essential part of our design and we would not be here without that inherent function. However, given the toxins around us, our systems are more burdened than ever. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the average North American has over 200 chemicals, including 44 pesticides in the body at any given time. Babies are being born with high levels of these toxins leading to health issues for them as well.

It’s not surprising that our detox organs are unable to keep up with this toxin overload and this can lead to health issues over time. Dr. Melissa Young M.D. at the Cleveland clinic states that many diseases are linked to environmental toxicity. Toxic chemicals can disrupt our hormone pathways; increase inflammation; send alarm signals to our immune system; cause leaky gut and disrupt liver; and even brain and kidney function. So if we’re going to be healthy, we need to keep our toxin load down and offer some much needed support to our precious organ systems that work so hard to keep us healthy.

Watch out for harsh cleanses
There are many stronger laxative cleanse type products on the market, and although many of them are natural, they often contain cathartic herbs such as senna or cascara sagrada that cause a cleansing reaction by irritating the colon to force elimination. The colon normally eliminates by stimulation of bile from the liver, so irritating it doesn’t support the way our bodies naturally work and for anyone with an irritable bowel, this might make symptoms worse.

Some cleanse kit programs include a large dose of a number of herbs to take all at once, potentially causing a “cleansing reaction” due to going too hard too fast. This leaves people feeling sluggish, headachy, nausea and having to run to the bathroom frequently. This isn’t ideal and can be a sign that the body is being forced to eliminate too much too quickly.

The body has a systematic approach to cleansing and in order to support that, we want to first gently open up the larger channels of elimination such as the lymphatic system and colon and then move on to the kidneys and liver. When working with the colon, bitter herbs are far superior to strong laxatives. Even better, ensure that the herbs are getting into the system have their full spectrum of plant compounds and trace minerals present. So liquid extracts are the ideal delivery system.

Which herbs support a gentle and restorative cleanse?
The category of herbs that best support our detox systems are the organ tonifying herbs, also called alternatives, which help our body to eliminate toxins while increasing nutrient uptake into the cells. Some examples of these are; dandelion, red clover, turmeric, burdock, sarsasparilla, milk thistle, oregon grape and yellow dock to name a few. Working with a cleansing kit that is geared toward restoring and remineralizing the body with a step by step approach, not only leaves you with better digestion, clearer skin, mental clarity, enhanced immunity and less inflammation, but you will also feel more energetic, get a better night’s sleep and likely shed a few unwanted pounds.

Spring time is cleanse time.
Spring is here and it’s a perfect time to lighten your toxin load from the winter months. Check with your local health food store and ask about restorative cleanse kits which might be suitable for you. Ones where you can reap the benefits and skip all those harsh side effects. Ahh..I feel better already, don’t you.



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Charity Parkinson Cl.H., H.N.C.

Charity Parkinson Cl.H., H.N.C.

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