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8 at Home Date Ideas
During Social Distancing

Maya Porebska-Smith

As the weeks of social distancing continue on, it can be easy to start feeling bored and fall into a rut. Whether you’ve been working from home, looking after your kids, or simply staying in, trying to find things to do can be a challenge. With our usual routines being drastically altered, many of us aren’t doing the things we often do. If you and your partner typically make time for date night, not being able to go out anywhere can feel like a big change. Used to going out with your friends and feeling the distance? We have put together some ideas for indoor date nights, both friend dates and romantic ones, to make this time at home special. If you don’t share your home with anyone, no problem! Call someone over video chat and try these activities.

1. Host an Indoor Picnic

Clear some space and lay out a blanket. Fill up a basket or tote with the things you would want to eat at a picnic like fruits, dips, sandwiches, etc. You can cook as much or as little as you want for a picnic, there aren’t really any rules of what you have to eat. You can even put on a birdsong soundtrack to help you feel like you are outside! Picnics, even indoor ones, are fun and nostalgic and can be a great way to relax amidst all of the current chaos. If you really want to set the mood, skip the birdsong and try lighting some candles for a romantic vibe.

2. Themed Meal

If you aren’t feeling too intimidated by all the cooking everyone appears to be doing, try making a themed meal together. Say you want to make an Italian dish. We’re talking home made pasta, opera, and watching Roman Holiday. Picking a particular style of food can be a fun way to try something new and gets everyone involved in the process.

3. Support A Local Eatery

Many of us are feeling the distance when in comes to dining out. Although going out to local eateries isn’t a possibility, why not bring the restaurant to you? A lot of businesses are offering take out or delivery. Ordering take out is a great way to support small businesses and to try a new place you’ve been meaning to try. As many of us are falling into routines, ordering in can be a fun way to make a night special and break up the monotony.

4. Come Dine With Me

As the weekends start to blend seamlessly into the work week, it can be hard to know what to do to differentiate non-work time. Try taking turns cooking a fancy meal for each other on the weekend so you feel like you are at a restaurant. If you alternate who does the cooking, then it will feel fun rather than overwhelming. You can focus on a particular dish or style of cuisine or try something you’ve been meaning to make but never found the time to do. Maybe you try to recreate dishes from your favorite restaurant to share with your loved ones! Show off all of your hard work in the kitchen by setting the table nicely.

5. Write Letters

Set aside some time for each person to write to each other. In a digital age, sitting down to write a letter by hand is a nice tactile practice that you can try. The current situation is pretty chaotic and uncertain and is giving us a lot of time to reflect. A hand-written letter could be a lovely way to incorporate some mindfulness into your day by remembering what is important to you and why. You could save reading them for another time, but writing is a nice way to tell the people in your life that you love and care about them.

6. Movie Night

Pick a film you’ve been wanting to see. There are lots of options for renting films online which gives you huge selection. We’ve all been watching a lot of TV but if that’s all you feel like doing that’s okay! Try and make the experience a little special by scheduling a time that the movie starts, turn off the lights, get some treats and make popcorn to create movie-theatre worthy ambiance.

7. Brunch Bash

When every day feels like a Sunday it can be easy to forget one of the best-loved weekend rituals, BRUNCH. Have a fun mid-morning date by creating a delicious brunch! Try a new brunch recipe you’ve been curious about or keep it classic.

8. Get Dressed Up

Most of us have been rocking pajama chic for the last few weeks. Planning a date night is a great excuse to get dressed up. Feel free to get dressed up as little or as much as you want for any of these activities. Putting on your favorite outfit can be a nice ritual to practice that breaks up the feeling of days stretching into one.

Even though we are at home, that doesn’t mean we can’t still have date nights. What are you doing for date nights? Let us know if you try any of these ideas. It’s a date.

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