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3 Must-Have Upgraded Fall Drinks

Lisa Kilgour, Nutritionist

What’s nicer than a warm mug of something delicious on a chilly and rainy day?

I’m sure that’s why we have the pumpkin spice latte phenomenon…it’s just so very nice to be warmed up from the inside.

But, I’m sure many of you have seen the big sugar warnings that well-meaning nutritionists have been posting all over social media. With a whopping sugar count of 50g (that’s a ¼ cup of sugar!), it’s time to find another way to satisfy our need for warm deliciousness.

Outside of a cup of my favourite caffeinated tea in the morning, lapsang souchong, I mostly like to drink something warm in the evening.

So, my mission this fall was clear – find some healthier, yet still delicious, caffeine-free options to warm me up in the evening during the chilly months.

A Word on Caffeine

It’s okay, but in moderation, please.

One or two cups of coffee each day can wake up our brain and keep us going…but, ironically, more can drain our energy. If you’ve gotten into the habit of 3 or more cups, try cutting out the extra and watch your energy bounce back!

What You Need to Know

There are healthy drinks…and ones that pretend to be healthy. Many drinks scream “hey! I contain something healthy!” but are actually mostly sugar with a sprinkle of something good. These are mostly found in popular coffee shops.

3 Must-Have Upgraded Fall Drinks


Then there are drinks that are very healthy. They’re super delicious while also containing a medicinal dose of the healthy stuff.  These are usually found in a health food store or are homemade.

Here are some of my favourite must-have fall drinks with benefits.

Turmeric Golden Mylk

This golden yellow spice has been all the rage for many years and it’s chock-full of many amazing superpowers. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory1, antioxidant, and may even have some anti-cancer properties2.

The tricky thing about turmeric is that it’s very hard to absorb as a supplement. The main medicinal ingredient, curcumin, is usually isolated and we struggle to absorb curcumin on its own3.

Whole turmeric tends to absorb better, so that means we need to find a way to add the whole spice to our diet.

Golden Mylk is a traditional turmeric drink from India. It’s a delicious warm drink with a bit of spice. It’s my choice over a pumpkin spice latte.

And, I always love a healthy short-cut, and Botanica’s Turmeric Golden Mylk is my go-to option.

Golden Mylk Matcha Latte

It comes ready-mixed in the traditional manner, with just enough sweetness from dates to make my sweet tooth happy. And, it contains ½ tsp of turmeric per 1 tsp serving, which is a perfect medicinal dose.

I warm up a mug of my favourite non-dairy milk and just whisk it in. It’s what I grab any time I have a bit of excess inflammation, like a few sore fingers or a skin break out. It works like a charm.

A Warm Mug of Chocolatey Loveliness

I REALLY love hot chocolate. Like really, really love it.

I don’t know exactly why I love so much – maybe it’s the creamy richness, the sweetness, or that it’s like drinking a melted chocolate bar. It’s just delicious, period.

But, conventional hot chocolate is a giant sugar bomb, so I’ve always been on the hunt for a healthier option.

And just this fall, two new favourites have landed into my kitchen – Chocolate Turmeric Golden Mylk and Reishi Hot Chocolate.

Chocolate Turmeric Golden Mylk is a similar formulation as the Turmeric Golden Mylk, but with some added cocoa. It’s delicious! And a little sweeter than it’s slightly spicy brother.

Reishi Hot Chocolate is an easy way to get a medicinal dose of reishi mushroom (1500mg) inside a warm mug of chocolatey creaminess.

Reishi Hot Chocolate

The reishi mushroom is a medicinal mushroom that has been used for centuries in Asia, and we’re just starting to sing its praises in North America. It’s a fantastic addition during the colder months.

Reishi is full of amazing medicinal sugar compounds called beta-glucans, along with a good dose of plant sterols. These compounds can help slow cancer growth, balance your immune system4 (it’s very helpful for auto-immune conditions), and lower inflammation.

With all those magical powers, it makes sense that Reishi has been given the name “mushroom of immortality” in China. Immortality inside a mug of hot chocolate is my version of heaven.

As the weather cools down and your body is craving something warm, skip the popular sugary drinks for one of these warm fall drinks with benefits!

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